Patch design: new envelope routing options

The Prophet 600 has 2 envelope generators with 3 possible destinations: filter cut-off, amplitude and oscillator A pitch (as part of the poly-mod controls). So far the envelopes had fixed destinations. The amplitude envelope controlled the - well - amplitude. And the filter envelope controlled the filter cut-off (via envelope amount in the filter sub-panel) and the oscillator A pitch (via the envelope amount in the poly-mod section when oscillator A poly-mod destination is switched on). 

The 2022 firmware comes with a new option to change the envelope routing. The options on offer are similar to the JX8P (yes, it's not all bad - there are good things inside the JX8P). The filter envelope continues to control the filter cut-off in all cases, but apart from the Standard routing (see above) you can now choose (using the menu parameter "555" - pressing 5 three times):

  • Poly-Amp: The amplitude envelope continues to control the amplitude but it also controls the oscillator A pitch in poly-mod
  • Poly: The filter envelope controls both the filter cut-off and the amplitude. The "amplitude envelope" is free to control the oscillator A pitch in poly-mod.
  • Gate: The amplitude follows a "gate shape", e.g. simply on/off with key down/up - very similar to an organ. The "amplitude envelope" is free to control the oscillator A pitch in poly-mod.
The old "amplitude envelope" has a more flexible function now, so it is referred to "2nd envelope" in the 2022 firmware. 

I am looking forward to seeing what new attack transients will be designed with these options in the Prophet 600. In the case of the JX8P, running pitch modulation against the filter opening can be used for very articulate brassy sounds. Clearly, it also opens up a new territory of experimental sounds.


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