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It gets better: Prophet 600 v2022 RC1 (first release candidate)

While I intended to basically release the beta 2022 (2) and only do the smallest and most urgent fixes (hoping of course there would not be any) some very important code changes did came up which now lead up to the improved first release candidate v2022 RC1 ( download ). What happened and what is new?  Apart from those aforementioned small corrections (thanks to the contributors!) there are 2 new features and one really exciting major fix.  The 2 selected features that "sneaked in"were 1) vibrato has now the option to modulate only one of the two oscillators (parameter 222) and 2) the LFO can now be re-triggered when a new key is played (parameter 111) Now to the major fix "tuned pitch shift" : the poly-mod envelope pitch shift of OSC A as well as the LFO pitch shift of OSC A and B are now fully tuned and harmonic. Yes, that wasn't true before. In prior firmware versions tuning was not taken into account so that pitch shifts were detuned depending on how far the