It gets better: Prophet 600 v2022 RC1 (first release candidate)

While I intended to basically release the beta 2022 (2) and only do the smallest and most urgent fixes (hoping of course there would not be any) some very important code changes did came up which now lead up to the improved first release candidate v2022 RC1 (download). What happened and what is new?  Apart from those aforementioned small corrections (thanks to the contributors!) there are 2 new features and one really exciting major fix. 

The 2 selected features that "sneaked in"were 1) vibrato has now the option to modulate only one of the two oscillators (parameter 222) and 2) the LFO can now be re-triggered when a new key is played (parameter 111)

Now to the major fix "tuned pitch shift": the poly-mod envelope pitch shift of OSC A as well as the LFO pitch shift of OSC A and B are now fully tuned and harmonic. Yes, that wasn't true before. In prior firmware versions tuning was not taken into account so that pitch shifts were detuned depending on how far the 12 oscillator CEM chips varied. With the clean tuned shift you can now create a new class of patches. 

BTW: thanks all those who took the time to proof read the documentation. Feedback ranged from typos to semantic and also included concrete re-phrasing suggestions. Living up to my promise I donated 65 EUR to médecins sans frontières :-) 


  1. Did Behringer used your 2022 version or the older GliGli version inside their new P-800?

  2. Thanks for asking. Well, I only picked this up in autumn 2021. The development at Behringer must have been well under way by then. I doubt that they are aware of this unless GliGli told them about it. No one approached me anyway. So the short answer is: they used GliGli's version.

    But then if you listen closely to the announcements, you find that GliGli only contributed parts to the P800. The additional LFO wave forms are mentioned and also the overdrive. My guess is that mostly, this is a complete new technical design to achieve the same result. Behringer has enough experience to build a firmware for that type of hardware from scratch without anyone's help. What could be interesting for them is: a) some experience where the P600 design has flaws so they waste time on finding them by themselves and b) the story of it. Much of what I contributed is not really relevant for them (panel layout switch and bender fixes, for example) or they do it their own way anyway (envelopes, display/controls), so full likely answer: neither Z80, nor GliGli nor imogen :-)

    I just hope they have not copied the circuitry 1:1. There are some design problems with the exponential FM in poly-mod. I also hope they have properly tuned pitch modulation. Some of the v2022 features might be nice - if they are not shipped in the first version, they might be added features in the future.

    I spent so much time eith the P600, I am looking forward to testing the P800. But then, I stick to my collection of originals.

  3. Thanks. I personally think it’s also just a Behringer marketing scheme mentioning GliGli’s name haha! I own a P600 with your latest firmware and I think it’s great! If you can find the right (with metal shafts) pots I highly recomment switching them out. It will transform the synth completely. The only thing I really hate is the clunkey keyboard. Are there any upgrades available you know of?


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