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Patch design: new envelope routing options

The Prophet 600 has 2 envelope generators with 3 possible destinations: filter cut-off, amplitude and oscillator A pitch (as part of the poly-mod controls). So far the envelopes had fixed destinations. The amplitude envelope controlled the - well - amplitude. And the filter envelope controlled the filter cut-off (via envelope amount in the filter sub-panel) and the oscillator A pitch (via the envelope amount in the poly-mod section when oscillator A poly-mod destination is switched on).  The 2022 firmware comes with a new option to change the envelope routing. The options on offer are similar to the JX8P (yes, it's not all bad - there are good things inside the JX8P). The filter envelope continues to control the filter cut-off in all cases, but apart from the Standard routing (see above) you can now choose (using the menu parameter "555" - pressing 5 three times): Poly-Amp : The amplitude envelope continues to control the amplitude but it also controls the oscillator A p