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Switchable Panel: GliGli / Sequential Circuits

The GliGli firmware (versions 2.0 and 2.1RC3) re-designated the original "Mixer" and "Glide" of the Prophet 600 knobs to control the volumes of oscillators A and B separately. This has the disadvantage that the glide amount needed to go into the - not very user friendly - parameter menu. On the other hand with the GliGli layout, one could (over-)drive both oscillator A and B amps. Personally, I also appreciate the clarity of controlling the two volumes with the two knobs, conveniently positioned next the oscillator sections. There are obviously good reasons for either choice of layout. Now, I have had requests from several users that the original Sequential Circuits layout be brought back. I even had one collector who said he refused the GliGli upgrade because he didn't like the fact the panel control descriptions don't match the control function. And he has a point - not many people got hold of a synth graphics panel overlay to match the GliGli upgrade and
  -- Firmware Development News -- The alpha development is almost finished! This will be followed by a few weeks of beta testing with selected users. The main changes compared to GliGli version 2.1RC3 are New and comprehensive user manual User Control NEW: panel switchable between GliGli and the original Sequential Circuits layout (Mix/Glide) Better responsiveness and smoother action of controls in general Pick-me-up mode (move controls to the stored patch value before they can take effect) Patch management mode  Patch features New envelope routing Revised envelope shapes, inspired by Prophet 5 rev 1/2 Super accurate fine tuning of oscillator A vs. B LFO sync to arpeggiator and sequencer Totally revised vintage function MIDI functions  local off mode extension of MIDI control