Prophet 600 firmware upgrade: 2022 beta release is now available

Dear all users of an upgraded Prophet 600, The beta release for the 2022 firmware upgrade is now available! You can download the code and new User Manual here:   Release v2022-beta.1 · image-et-son/p600fw ( . *** NOTE: this is a beta release and it is therefore not the final release but rather very close to it ***  *** NOTE: the code and manuals come with no warranty whatsoever, you carry out updates at your own risk. Always secure patches before updating the firmware. ***  Note: in case you're totally new to the GliGli upgrade you would need to modify your Prophet 600. In this case you should consult the documentation provided by GliGli. GliGli's Prophet 600 blog ( My Synthesizer stuff: p600fw ( ) contains the links to the technical manual. If you're already running version 2.0 or version 2.1 RC3 you should be familiar with the upgrade procedure either by USB or by MIDI. Please also refer to the User Manual. If you want to actively parti

New firmware provides simpler parameter menu organization

The GliGli upgraded firmware uses a patch parameter menu based on the number pad for changing things like vibrato, additional LFO options, envelope shapes etc. Most users find menu diving a nuisance. Since there are more than 10 parameters in the firmware upgrade and only 10 number buttons (0...9) the firmware even needed two "pages" of parameters. A double press of each number accesses an additional parameter. What's more, the location of parameters on the number pad was not completely systematic, e.g. pressing "2" would access the Vibrato Speed, but pressing "2" twice was accessing the LFO Range. A cheat sheet from Synthgraphics (list of parameters and their location) does help, as does the fact that the parameter name is scrolled through the display. Overall, not ideal but still not something one can't live with. The new 2022 firmware version to be published soon has even more parameters so that two pages are not enough. Therefore a different co

Switchable Panel: GliGli / Sequential Circuits

The GliGli firmware (versions 2.0 and 2.1RC3) re-designated the original "Mixer" and "Glide" of the Prophet 600 knobs to control the volumes of oscillators A and B separately. This has the disadvantage that the glide amount needed to go into the - not very user friendly - parameter menu. On the other hand with the GliGli layout, one could (over-)drive both oscillator A and B amps. Personally, I also appreciate the clarity of controlling the two volumes with the two knobs, conveniently positioned next the oscillator sections. There are obviously good reasons for either choice of layout. Now, I have had requests from several users that the original Sequential Circuits layout be brought back. I even had one collector who said he refused the GliGli upgrade because he didn't like the fact the panel control descriptions don't match the control function. And he has a point - not many people got hold of a synth graphics panel overlay to match the GliGli upgrade and
  -- Firmware Development News -- The alpha development is almost finished! This will be followed by a few weeks of beta testing with selected users. The main changes compared to GliGli version 2.1RC3 are New and comprehensive user manual User Control NEW: panel switchable between GliGli and the original Sequential Circuits layout (Mix/Glide) Better responsiveness and smoother action of controls in general Pick-me-up mode (move controls to the stored patch value before they can take effect) Patch management mode  Patch features New envelope routing Revised envelope shapes, inspired by Prophet 5 rev 1/2 Super accurate fine tuning of oscillator A vs. B LFO sync to arpeggiator and sequencer Totally revised vintage function MIDI functions  local off mode extension of MIDI control